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Pain Management at Boulevard Medical Healthcare
Pain can severely impact you in terms of your day to day function and your quality of life. There are many possible origins for pain.

Our Bronx pain management doctors at Boulevard Medical Healthcare understand the complexities of chronic pain. If you are dealing with a long-term pain condition, we are here to help. Pain management is important for ongoing pain control.  After an evaluation, our physicians can prescribe pain medication, alternative therapies such as acupuncture, and mind/body techniques.

Other pain management treatments include:

  • Medication management – Our knowledgeable physicians optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for our patients.
  • Trigger point injections -Trigger point injections are injections that temporarily numb and relax the muscle sites involved in your pain.
  • Guided ultrasound imaging – Ultrasound imaging is a modern method for providing more accurate pain management. It allows for greater accuracy in locating triggers in soft tissue. It offers advantages over other imaging techniques because it’s more portable and doesn’t use radiation.

At Boulevard Medical Healthcare, we can help you manage your pain safely and effectively.

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