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Ear Nose & Throat Doctors in Bronx
An ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, also known as an otolaryngologist, is a physician trained in the medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of the ears, nose, & throat, as well as related structures of the head and neck.

Our Bronx ENTs treat common conditions such as sore throats, sinus congestion, and ear infections. We also treat less common conditions, including:

  • Neck masses
  • Balance issues
  • Smell disorders
  • Difficulty swallowing

Any condition involving the head and neck can leave you feeling under the weather. At Boulevard Medical Healthcare, our Bronx ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors aim to provide you with care that feels friendly, welcoming and familiar. We can administer several different tests to determine the cause of your condition including:

Nasal Endoscopy – Nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic tool in the evaluation of the nasal and sinus passages, consisting of an endoscope and fiberoptic cables. The endoscope is connected to a light source and camera, providing a detailed view of the deeper internal nasal anatomy, central airway and posterior aspects of the nose and sinuses. Nasal endoscopy is one of the most important diagnostic exams that an ENT will perform in determining what may be causing your sinus  or nasal problems and determining the best steps to take in your care.

Balance Testing – Balance testing evaluates the senses that contribute to balance (i.e. vestibular system, vision, and proprioception). These senses give us the ability to stand and to walk. The purpose of a balance test is to help identify the cause(s) of dizziness, vertigo, or tinnitus and/or to evaluate the function of the vestibular system in the inner ear.

Hearing Testing – Hearing tests are performed to not only to detect the presence of hearing loss but also to determine where a hearing problem originates. The results from hearing tests are often shown in the form of a graphical display, known as an audiogram.

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