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Doctor Checks Patient's Heart


May, 2018

Should I get an Echocardiogram?

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Heart problems need to be treated promptly to lower your risk of serious complications, but they’re not always easy to detect. Having an echocardiogram done helps doctors find heart problems, so that they can be properly managed. Find out more about why you might consider having one of these tests done. How Does an Echocardiogram Work? An echocardiogram creates images of your heart through the use of high-frequency ultrasound waves. These sound…

Man in for a prostate exam


Jan, 2017

Who Should Get a Prostate Exam?

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According to the National Cancer Society prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer. Prostate cancer is a slow-growing cancer, which means that early detection can make it possible to stop it. Unfortunately too often, men are not sure if they should get a prostate exam and they put it off until it is too late. Early Detection is Crucial As with any cancer, early detection is…

Woman conducting winter skincare in New York


Nov, 2016

Winter Skincare: How to Protect Your Skin in the Cold Weather

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In the winter seasons, you must take extra care to protect and moisturize your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and it needs to be taken care of since it protects the rest of the body. If you neglect your skin, everyone will be able to tell because it is the first thing that people notice about you. Freezing temperatures, dry air, and harsh winds can be very…

An older patient in New York with heart disease


Sep, 2016

Heart Disease in Older Patients

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Heart disease is the chief cause of death among both men and women above the age of 65 followed closely by cancer according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. The risk of developing heart disease increases as you age. The CDC approximates that heart disease affects 25% of women and 37% of men above the age of 65. Why is Heart Disease So Prevalent Among the Elderly?…

Primary care doctor in New York City


Jun, 2016

Why Is Primary Care Important?

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Why is Primary Care Important? Imagine how it would be, having to find a doctor each time you fell sick, then have to describe your health history to them. Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, with a primary care doctor you can rest assured that you are getting all the right medical care you need without having to rush to the hospital emergency room whenever a health problem arises. What Is…

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