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Internal Medicine


Apr, 2018

What is Internal Medicine?

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If you’re looking for a doctor, you may wonder which type will best provide the care you need. Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, can be excellent choices in many cases, but people are often unclear about exactly what it is that these doctors treat. In this blog, the explain more about what internal medicine is to help you make the best possible choice when you’re looking for medical care:…

Internal medicine doctor at Boulevard Medical Healthcare


Aug, 2016

Family Care and Internal Medicine: How is Boulevard Unique?

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Good health care is a major concern for families and individuals across the country. Finding a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner is not always easy. If you live in the Bronx, you may have already discovered Boulevard Medical Healthcare, the Bronx’s top primary care provider. Boulevard Medical Healthcare provides comprehensive medical services to families and individuals, as well as offering both employment and immigration physicals. Boulevard is unique, in that it is…

Senior care in New York City


May, 2016

Why It’s Important to See a Physician Experienced in Senior Medicine

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  Changes occur as you age. In fact, as you get older, it might be time to change your healthcare provider to accommodate to the fact that your body isn't the same as it was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. Choosing Someone Who Specializes in You Senior care is becoming a large industry as a result of the number of baby boomers and the fact that people are…

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