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elderly man running in the snow


Dec, 2017

Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

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The holidays can be the most challenging time of year to stay healthy. With added stress and facing more opportunities to skip workouts, it’s hard to maintain a regime. Develop a plan to deal with stress. From stretching your…

woman suffering from vertigo


Oct, 2017

How Long Should I Wait Before Treating My Vertigo?

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Vertigo is a subjective sensation that can make you feel like you are in motion when you aren’t. The feeling is difficult to describe and varies from one patient to another. As a result, many people who have vertigo are not properly diagnosed for a long time. In addition to this strange feeling, vertigo sufferers often experience a sudden loss of balance. These episodes of lost balance can occur unexpectedly for…

elderly patient holding a dog with nurse


Sep, 2017

Did I Have a Stroke?

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Most people associate common stroke symptoms with sudden weakness, numbness, confusion, and trouble walking, seeing, or speaking, however, you can also have what’s called a “silent stroke.” What is a silent stroke? A stroke occurs when the blood supply…

woman with itching


Aug, 2017

How Do You Prevent Yeast Infections?

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Yeast infections can cause annoying symptoms such as vaginal itching, a burning sensation, and discharge. Here are ways to prevent them: Wear the right clothing Since yeast infections thrive in warm, moist environments, wearing dry clothes that give your genital area enough room to “breathe” are the best choices. Don’t stay in wet clothes – Change your clothes as soon as possible after working out or swimming. Choose the right…

man blowing nose


Jun, 2017

Allergies or a Sinus Infection?

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Sinus infections and allergic reactions to dust, pollen and similar pollutants have a few symptoms in common, making it hard to determine which one you have. Symptoms of Allergies Allergies to outdoor allergens, such as ragweed, pollen, or dust…

doctor with flag on stethoscope


Mar, 2017

Immigration Physical Exam Information

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Civil Surgeons registered with the department of Homeland Security are certified to conduct the physical exam required as part of your immigration application to the United States. Before your immigration application can be completed, a person applying for immigration must have a physical exam by a registered Civil Surgeon. Medical examinations performed by non-authorized physicians are not accepted. The medical examination includes a review of the applicant's medical history, physical examination,…

Various pills and medicine at Boulevard Medical Healthcare in the Bronx


Feb, 2017

Are Your Medications Killing You Softly?

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Aging. The topic we all avoid. Doctors, medications, and extra care are all the main activities we heard our grandparents speak of in their ripe age. Until we invent a time machine it will eventually be a subject that hits all of us, so let us be prepared. As time and the growing of age increases, so do the number of doctors visits. Visiting multiple doctors presents the potential to be…

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