Internal Medicine

What is Internal Medicine?

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Internal Medicine

If you’re looking for a doctor, you may wonder which type will best provide the care you need. Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, can be excellent choices in many cases, but people are often unclear about exactly what it is that these doctors treat. In this blog, the explain more about what internal medicine is to help you make the best possible choice when you’re looking for medical care:

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is a medical field of practice that focuses on treating adults. It includes providing short-term care as well as care for chronically ill patients. This field of medicine is centered on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases.

What do internal medicine physicians do?

Internal medicine physicians treat illnesses that affect adults. They work in an office, in a hospital, or sometimes both. Some internal medicine physicians choose to be generalists, and they’re known as general internists. They diagnose and treat illnesses in adults, promote good health, and help prevent diseases. These doctors are qualified to handle a wide variety of problems, including severe, ongoing illnesses and rare diseases. They can also treat patients who have several different illnesses at the same time.

Some internists have additional training in a subspecialty, such as cardiology, infectious disease, allergy and immunology, and geriatrics. They can perform some procedures, and they may also further specialize, such as practicing interventional cardiology (performing procedures such as placing stents).

What is the difference between internal medicine and family medicine?

General internists serve as primary care physicians, but unlike family doctors, they treat only adults. Primary physicians, on the other hand, treat a broad range of health issues that affect the entire family.

What are the benefits of seeing an internist?

A general internist can treat a number of diseases, and patients can start seeing this kind of doctor at age 18 and stay with them for years. They also help provide preventative care, such as mammograms, and issues such as referrals and hospital transfers.

If you have a particular healthcare problem, you might see an internist who specializes in that disease. For example, heart disease might lead you to an internal medicine physician who specializes in cardiology. He or she can also coordinate your care with any other internists if needed, since this type of doctor is very familiar with working with and communicating with other doctors you may see.

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