woman suffering from vertigo

How Long Should I Wait Before Treating My Vertigo?

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woman suffering from vertigo

Vertigo is a subjective sensation that can make you feel like you are in motion when you aren’t. The feeling is difficult to describe and varies from one patient to another. As a result, many people who have vertigo are not properly diagnosed for a long time.

In addition to this strange feeling, vertigo sufferers often experience a sudden loss of balance. These episodes of lost balance can occur unexpectedly for many months. Many people with vertigo have suffered from serious falls or household accidents.

Vertigo can interfere with a wide range of ordinary tasks. Since there is no way to know exactly when an episode of vertigo will take place, it is difficult to be prepared when one strikes. In the long run, it is best to have your condition evaluated and treated.

What Happens When You Are Treated for Vertigo?

Vertigo isn’t caused by a specific bacteria or virus. It doesn’t arise on its own as a “primary condition,” but as a secondary symptom related to an underlying problem. The first step to eliminating vertigo for good is to determine the root cause of the issue.

A number of primary conditions can lead to vertigo:

  • Head trauma caused by automotive accidents, sports, or other blows to the head;
  • Cold viruses, especially those that linger for a long time and cause sinus problems;
  • Meniere’s disease – an uncommon inner ear disorder that affects hearing and balance.

What all these conditions have in common is the ability to affect your inner ear. Structures in your inner ear work with particular nerves in your skull to help you orient and balance. If there is damage to the inner ear, your body may not be able to compensate and maintain balance.

Treatment for vertigo depends on the root cause. For example, a cold virus can produce sinus problems that lead to a build-up of fluid or pressure in the inner ear. It may be helpful to use special medication to dry out fluid. Surgical options may also be available.

When head trauma is the major issue, a doctor can offer treatments that support and enhance the body’s natural healing process. When full healing takes place, vertigo often clears up on its own. Depending on the situation, however, this may take months or even years.

Should Vertigo Ever Be Left Untreated?

Each case is different, but vertigo is usually a self-limiting condition that does not worsen much over time. Many cases of vertigo disappear completely when the underlying issue is resolved. However, it’s important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. You can’t wait out vertigo caused by a chronic condition like Meniere’s – treatment is a necessity for improvement.

Can Vertigo Come Back?

Vertigo caused by transient medical problems, such as a severe cold, does not usually come back in the future – even during a similar illness. However, some people may have structural issues of the ears or nose that make vertigo more likely. Your doctor can advise you about your level of risk in the future and what health precautions you can take.

Vertigo may seem simple, but it can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life – and it may even put you in danger. For immediate help, just contact the experts at Boulevard Medical Healthcare.

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