Various pills and medicine at Boulevard Medical Healthcare in the Bronx

Are Your Medications Killing You Softly?

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Various pills and medicine at Boulevard Medical Healthcare in the Bronx

Aging. The topic we all avoid. Doctors, medications, and extra care are all the main activities we heard our grandparents speak of in their ripe age. Until we invent a time machine it will eventually be a subject that hits all of us, so let us be prepared.

As time and the growing of age increases, so do the number of doctors visits. Visiting multiple doctors presents the potential to be prescribed multiple medications. When organizing medications, it is important to understand what you are taking, what are the possible side effects, and what medications can not be mixed. Even though medications are meant to improve one’s health, studies have shown that many people suffer from problems related to their medication.

Know Your Drugs

In order to avoid taking the wrong medication, it is important to learn about the types of medication you are putting in your body. Drugs that affect confusion, sleep, anxiety, vertigo, allergies, nerves, pain, and depression have the likely side effect of loss of memory and balance. Yet this is not always the case, understand why the benefits are may outweigh the burdens.

Whatever Goes Up Must Come Down

It is also important to pay attention to the prescribed dosage. Many times a physician prescribes a starting dose. A starter is just an amount to be tested at the beginning of the prescription but should be adjusted over time. Secondly, it is important to have a follow-up visit to see the medication’s improvement of the patient’s condition; otherwise, the patient could be putting unnecessary drugs in their body.

Mixing & Matching: Not Always The Best Policy

A common mistake made is mixing medications that can cause negative reactions inside the body. For example, warfarin, a commonly-used blood thinner, can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure and heart rate, if mixed with antibiotics.

There are of course many other medication-related problems that can occur, especially when multiple doctors are involved. In order to avoid these serious issues, it is important to visit your primary care physician and bring a detailed list along with all of your medications.

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