Doctor performing physical exam

Immigration & Department of Transportation Physicals

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Doctor performing physical exam

Boulevard Medical Healthcare offers a wide range of services to individuals and families, and as a service to our community we also offer government physicals. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is focused on providing top quality care to the Bronx community.

Why Choose Boulevard Medical?

Boulevard Medical Healthcare is proud to help people begin a new life in a foreign country, or qualify for a job. Dr. Desai is certified by the government to perform both immigration and Department of Transportation physicals.

Dr. Desai specializes in government physicals and exemplifies the compassion and commitment the doctors at Boulevard have for patients and their families. Her ability to speak Spanish allows her to communicate easily and effectively with non-English speakers.

Healthcare at Its Best

We are a community oriented medical facility. The office is open six days per week, and we aim to provide consistent, quality care.

New patients can download the necessary forms from the website, prior to coming in for the initial visit. Completed paperwork speeds up the processing time, and allows the doctor to get to the physical quicker as well as address any questions or concerns the patients might have.

Immigration Physicals

A complete physical examination is required of anyone wishing to enter into the United States on a green card. The exam must be performed by a certified physician who can verify your fitness to enter the United States. Dr. Desai is well versed in guiding patients through their physical exams and what you can expect moving forward. You will know exactly what you need to do, before you leave the office.

All required paperwork should be completed, and accompanied by your copy of the immigration form I-693, prior to meeting Dr. Desai. Bring a list of your immunizations, medications and medical tests, including a list of disabilities, and a complete family history. Be sure to include any reports of mental illness, positive TB tests, STDs, chest X-rays, chronic medical illnesses, abnormal medical readings, and substance abuse.

If you have a contagious disease or illness, the doctor must report this in the initial findings and send the report to the proper department. Especially, if it is a condition that needs further monitoring, and requires medication and additional tests.

What to Expect From the Doctor

Dr. Desai will discuss you and your family’s medical history, and discuss what vaccinations you need before you can obtain your green card. If your vaccination record is incomplete, the doctor will administer any missing ones. A blood test is given to detect any illnesses, and infections, and a chest X-ray is taken. If you are pregnant, speak to the doctor about postponing your X-ray. Next the doctor will check your vital signs, and your organs, including your skin, and genital area.

Requirements for DOT- Department of Transportation Physicals

This is the same type of physical the DOT or Department of Transportation requires of commercial drivers. The test determines whether or not the driver is physically and mentally capable of making safety decisions on the road.

You must bring your medical examination form and any relevant documentation. Any incomplete paperwork will delay your application from being processed. The physical examination includes, an examination of the heart, lungs, throat, ears, eyes, head, posture, spine, abdomen, rectum, genitals, and the upper and lower extremities.

If your physical condition is not satisfactory, the doctor may order or perform additional tests to rule out any underlying conditions. The certificate is valid for 2 years. Under certain circumstances an examiner’s certificate is good for a shorter time. This is true if you have a medical condition that requires constant monitoring by a physician. Such medical conditions include diabetes, or high blood pressure.


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